Ayurvedic Summer Kitchen: Cucumber & Lemon

My hopes and dreams mature as I learn to care for my family. Owing to some aesthetics, I seldom procrastinate. Simply, I like organising tasks to maximise the energy I spend on activity, so I can do more and have plenty of time to enjoy relaxing or being outdoors.

I do admit that for my type of personality, according to Ayurveda, is mostly Vatta and a bit of Kapha. This means, that if I find it exclusively extraordinary to finish any task that did not involve eating, it might have something to do with my personality type, my dosha. And even then, I eat intermittently and always remain on the thin to athletic side of body weight.


At this point, I do not struggle for calm. Many years of training have taught me how to nurture my emotional needs, and to always put my attention to kitchen attitudes. I’m crushing over Sadia Badiei’s vlog to keep my mind body balance check and much inspiration:

Her vegan advice on nutritious recipes inspire me to remember how many amazing natural oils and fats exist in vegetables. Like olives and seeds.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, one should understand their unique dosha first. My nutrition requirements can be different from my husband’s mostly Kapha dosha. Ever since I began testing this philosophy in my lifestyle, I have had good results. In this blog I’m writing about how I personalise the Ayurvedic advice in my daily routine. It does not interfere so far with my Muslim philosophy, in fact it compliments it.

So, if you don’t already have a health journal I highly recommend it. Here’s what I do. Note down any helpful tips from Dr Neelesh Korde’s instruction on Ayurvedic Daily Regiment. Then I spend a week, slowly refining my habits to find a balance in the middle.

Still feeling overwhelmed or impatient? Settle in your little head, and simplify the day, the week, the month. Summer time is coming, we’re all anxious about body and all. Over to my Lavender romance fables, coming soon. A little unbranded, unlabelled, something for everyone.