Strange Vanilla Street

Isfjorden Winter Moon 2019.JPG

Hey. The time has come again since the forest fairies called me back for the spring blossom. It seldom happens that the dream represents itself into life through new found friendships. But so it is with the magical forest of Isfjorden’s spring moon.

None the better for yearning for the knowledge about natural health and plant allies (and the offenders not to be forgotten). I wasn’t the only one to catch a series of colds and other epidemics. And so everyone else became a little bit hermit too.

I like being entranced in the spring’s transformative whip. Up here even the sol er sterk; in norsk to say: the sun is strong. Også, nursing the self is a learning experience. Du skal bli opprotet. No needle to google, it means you shall be uprooted. Oppe har, up here. Ja, if you pronounce it well, you may even feel the frost.

Mighty is the case for human survival. As by the florescent pink unicorn that Marta and Jorge showed me at their lovely cafeteria down my hilltop home, obrigada og obrigado. I got all kinds of good and tough, just to know what a captain I am of my ship through such a crazy storm. In my philosophy melt downs and crafty chats, I’m more so inclined towards those cupcakes for home.

Outside the window that peers out of the room halfway above the ground, yellow lilies jeer at the luscious greenery. planted today. May there be friendship between the deer and us. They hide and seek the sun, like we do. By all days, I look forward to the rest of it.