Mountain Spirits in Crystals


Ever tried snow bathing? It's one of the coolest ways to enjoy the Norwegian winter. I've wilfully attested to a rough trial. It adds to the radical economic downsizing after being accustomed to the perfect luxury of my previous lifestyles in London and Lahore. Coming from the eastern end of the world, snow bathing at first seemed fascinating, though it was also nerve wrecking. Finally after immersing myself, I got to experience what a highly energising activity it is. The last two weeks have had a refreshing turn out. I'm so pleased to have made it to the near end of my pilgrimage, through which I've earned the strength of the mountain Wolf, the patience of Trees, and magical friendship through the call of Deer. Now looking forward to moving to a new part of the country, I'll soon be putting my caravan to rest and returning to my magical hearth with new recipes.

Respect your own traditions

For me this is the perfect time to work with crystals, bathing with them in crunchy snow, their heavenly cousins, through my delicious self minted ritual. And in this way I'm growing my connection with the Spirit of the Land, putting my intentions to the good future I wish for.

With my least favour for the over-harvesting of natural treasures, strictly due to respect, I do believe the Mountain Spirits come into our possession to remind us to be humble and forgiving. In my eastern spiritual tradition, we bare the ancient concept of "zikr" or remembrance of the Divine through repetition. The meditation involves first collecting simple beads or seeds of fruits on a string or in a basket, where an intentional count may be observed for the number of repetitions made in remembrance of the Divine. The idea is to honour the Mathematical perfection of the universe, and so you may choose to work with a special count, such as 7, 22, 111 and so on. There is a great deal of sophistication in the bridging of traditions, so its worth doing your background research in magic numbers. Devoted seekers always come through mystic circles for guidance, even through trial periods, where lessons are tested without any help of tools or instruments. Zikr is a tool of remembrance that is grounded in the essence of Divine Love for its own sake, not to obtain or ask of any favours, but is merely practised by the lover bearing witness to the Heart being spellbound in Divine Ecstasy.

To celebrate Divine Love, it was only natural for me to do zikr with Crystals, regularly reflecting on the fractal states of evolution. Each day, I am mastering the vibrational quality of my spirit, mindful of my challenges. And with this, I want to take you on a quick drive up north, for a little demonstration of the influence of Mountain Spirits.

The Spirits of Mountains remain with us as long as they want to, inside the beautiful crystals. Very rarely people with extra sensory perception can see how we are influenced by them, that is when they wish to remain in our possession or continue their journey with new owners. In this way, Mountain Spirits are very much alive in Crystals, not existing in the younger category of animated life form, such as humans and animals, nor slow growing like plants. But they are much more precious and ancient, and therefore the knowledge they can bless us with, is also precious and ancient.

If you want to work with crystals, pray for a dream. In that way the Mountain Spirits inside them are most effectively able to influence our lucid soul, as we are non-resistant or asleep.

On the way to meet the young seekers.

On the way to meet the young seekers.

During this episode, I was invited by a group of rare young people not so far north from Oslo, in a place called Hof. With respect for the sanctity of such a gathering, I am only allowed to mention the conclusive event of the call that this meeting was an important part of.

Opening the Circle with Truth Feather

The group was led by a young Dutch healer who was on a journey in the Maori tradition. We sat outside in the snow, with several blankets at first, until our bodies began acclimatising. The healer passed around a wand of burning sage for each of us to clear our thoughts, heart, and all negativities that we were carrying. He then passed around a Truth Feather to help us introduce ourselves to each other with honesty.

After singing some lovely hymns, we went inside briefly for some hot tea, to warm our legs and let our frozen toes come back to life! Then we made a beautiful ceremonial fire outside, with benches made of snow and sheepskin rugs. In this the healer lit the session within the rites of the Maori tradition, with some of the tools of healing as he had been taught. Finally at the end of our prayers, we were all invited into a creative discussion about forest dwelling.

A question was thrown at me that taught me an important point about myself.


With regards to forest dwelling, we were all trying to address our approach and our rights to land. Two people in the group suggested that ideally the land should be occupied within natural boundaries and entered via contract with the owners. One highly curious man then asked me: "How do you think we should enter the land?"

I've pondered this empirical question a million times and likewise have always obeyed the laws of the land, paid my taxes and am debt free. But on this occasion I didn't know how to express the abstract of my standpoint to these people whom I was meeting for the very first time. So even though I was in reverence of entering new lands with the invitation of the Spirits, my answer came out unexpected: "If you ask me.... my personal opinion is to occupy the land. However we do not live in such a time when war is necessary, and therefore think that there are legal ways to enter it."

Fair enough. This moment made three things clear to me: with the length of time I'd been in the isolation of wilderness, if I now wished to come into any new circle, I would need to work this area of arrogance in my thought over experience. Meaning, my personal opinion should never have any greater weight than my observation of socially embodied experience. Forest dwelling is a social enterprise. Mountain dwelling is less so. Hence, I also realised how much stronger and independent the Spirit of Mountains are. Intuitively, I sensed that this young circle needed more experience, albeit the people were warm and coming with great intentions and therefore needed more time to formalise. In any case I was heading to a town farther north in just two weeks. Thankfully the trial period had already prepared me for this.

A hazy moon glowed above us.

A hazy moon glowed above us.

Discussion of the forest village creation in Norway.

Discussion of the forest village creation in Norway.

After a lovely dinner with hot soup, we bid each other well on our journey. Many hugs in humility. I continue to be in touch with these lovely people now. The next day I was invited again by the healer himself to witness him healing a woman with Maori massage, in what I saw the woman go into convulsions. Screaming, crying and shouting at the top of her lungs, the poor girl had so much pain trapped inside her body that needed release- I saw gusts of fiery spirits torching out of her body. I did not know such a massage even existed!

The colours of sky that followed.

The colours of sky that followed.

If it weren't for the beauty of the sky captured in a crystal, such a simple metaphor of the great Spirit, could never leave the eye that beholds it.

Palo Santo for energy clearing.

Palo Santo for energy clearing.

Returning to camp, I continue to add these lessons to my journal. It's been most helpful that friends of my elder tribe have been able to communicate during this phase. These forest dwellers usually do not have access to internet or are very busy managing their community. We are also cut off across totally separate time zones. I was even visited by my new friend in Norway, the true healer Gustav, who never leaves without sharing profound wisdom and a total energy cleanse. This guy is not only gifted, he has been doing this work for a very long time. Every time I have been blessed by meeting him, I feel a deep shift of regal colours around me, and I'm certain that he's a true Lightworker. At the time I arrived in Norway I had a really beautiful healing session with him, that not only helped me, but it also helped my partner.


Inspired by these colourful energies, I felt a creative urge to do some botanical illustrations of the plants I have been working with lately. I'm also designing some crystal jewellery with some of the tiny gems I bought from Hunza mountains back in Spring 2017. I fondly remember drinking chai with the brother miners, and their stories. They pointed out of the window of their charming little shop to the exact mountain where they had harvested the crystals I was holding in my hands, inviting me to visit the mine. One brother was also a talented woodworker and gladly gave my friend and myself a free workshop in how to carve a large spoon. I am sure to visit Hunza again for my crystal collection, and to buy one of his musical instruments too; though he only makes Oud and several types of traditional percussion instruments. Now I've given away all of my Hunza crystals as gifts to friends, only kept four for myself to make the first pieces of jewellery I will own since 2015, the year I gave away my entire life's belongings as charity and embarked on this pilgrimage. I did it to purify my wealth, in spirit of Samsara. And now when I look at the tiny peridot to make my new ring, I see the entire valley inside it, with a very mystical memory that Hunza gave me.

Sajah Popham's mini-course in Astro-Herbalism

Sajah Popham's mini-course in Astro-Herbalism

Now it is my last week at the camp. I'm journaling, reflecting, doing some of these fantastic herbalism courses. Sajah Popham is an authentic modern day herbalist. If you ever get the chance to do one of his mini-courses, do. I compare notes with my hakim or sage in Pakistan, because I write to bridge the eastern traditions with the native, practical north and west. In effect, my recipe has to be authentic and must work. Thanks to Sajah Popham, recently the world of Astrology has blasted open for me. Some nights, the stars pull me out of bed and force me to stand outside. On such an occasion, I'm amazed that the sky is totally clear, no clouds, and the Big Dipper constellation is watching over me. I have recognised it with my naked eye for many years now, its right above my head. I'm certain, its a sign. As above, so below. I'm eager to know the unfolding of universal wisdom, but also very patient to wait the days that reveal it.

The cosmic influence of the Mountain Spirits does not Work on a small scale. But in such a way, it always leaves me in awe.

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