Language of the Northern Spirit

First Day of Snowfall. Oslo, November 2017.

First Day of Snowfall. Oslo, November 2017.

As the year comes to its finality, mysterious energies have been playing in every corner of the world. Astrophysicists and meditation practitioners are not the only ones to acknowledge that the universe is beginning to learn about itself. Ordinary people like you and I are indeed waking up through self-evaluation to see where exactly we are today: though we see from this grand scale of technological perception, that humans have only arrived in the last hour of the knowable universe to acquire language. Let alone the most basic recognition of the universal connection we have to all life, our ability to sense and feel basic universal emotion is rekindling the sacred fire of transformation in our hearts, even as we are unable to express this.

This type of existential knowledge was sought by the ancient Greek philosophers, who called it gnosis: the art of knowing the divine nature of man and the cosmos as one. Historically, mystics have always been outnumbered by ignorant populations. And yet, the footprints left by our ancestral explorers of sacred knowledge have survived in the hearts of modern herbalists, hermits, nomads and even the last remaining indigenous tribes who still live in and near forests and mountains, where they work. This work in the mystic tradition is always an attempt to maintain the balance between all the elements of life. As soul seekers, we are able to physically feel the manifested reality of existence. This brings us to the mediation of inspired knowledge today, only small circles of healers are exchanging with no bounds their discoveries about life, because we now recognize and acknowledge that we cannot escape the gravity that governs us.

We arrive in the present age of languages, expressions of our experiences and complexities that separate us. Perhaps even so we can advance in our technical understanding of the soul, a preemptive measurement of the distance and time that makes the created laws of matter.

With this magnetic pull we feel and know, what words can't describe. It is an understudy that only some primitive languages of our ancient Northern ancestors have preserved the mystic tools of communication with the spirit for the modern generation. How afraid are we to look at each other in the eye and see the barrier we uphold between our limited exposure and unlimited imagination?

Let's begin by appreciating the utility of Northern spiritual expression. Up until now, it still holds the essence of our nature. From the vantage point of its languages, such as Runes, we can begin our healing and psycho-physical alignment by resorting to our original state of being here now.


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