Level i

Yir of sodhum

Sodhum is a sleeping river stone. It tends to sleep for a billion years and every once or twice in its waking moment, it illuminates yir. Sages never leave any traces of its event, for only the Readers can appreciate the correct use of the powerful secrets of yir. In the enemy’s hands, it has the ability to destroy an entire race.

This year, knowledge of the yir has reached the ears of your enemies. You hear the angels singing to you, preparing and guiding you closer to the time and place of the event. Strange bottles have started appearing along the beaches, each containing messages and maps. You must work with the angelic beings to protect the rivers from the enemies who want yir to destroy all innocent life on Earth. Luckily, the forests are ready to help you on your quest to collect the Yir of Sodhum before anyone else does. One of the message in the bottle instructs you how to harvest yir safely. Your mission is to hide it until further news.