We don't know

It’s already so unclear as to how we can feed ourselves a balanced diet with the given choices in the food stores. Many things come in plastics.

There is no one method or approach to balance, it is a deep soul work to know it for a start.

If keeping the diet primary helps to address which ingredients suit us better, perhaps we stand a chance to introduce to our bodies its needs for development.


I don’t quite understand stress, or how much it is connected to fears. Yet somehow it is always the cause of most illnesses. Generally it is accepted that we can create balance between three areas of our life: work, family and self. If any of these areas are out of balance then we become restless.

The fact that our genetic ties even subconsciously work to keep us aligned with natural law, we may ignore relationship errors or sources of malign intentions. But if we do not check in to ensure safety in relationships, we end up feeling depressed and alone. People who make the effort to express care have happier days and also live longer, maybe because they receive genuine encouragement for good action. Perhaps the universe does look out for us.

I’ve seen miracles happen to many people, including myself regarding recovering from illness. My journey continues but so far I’m thankful for my wellness. Hopefully I will have wisdom to take care.

When it comes to work and self, it is a matter of personal pride and ego. This is an area involving mental attitudes towards life, and ultimately belief. For anyone seeking discipline in order to serve with humility and skill, also seeks to show what it means to be treated in a pre-conceived light. Of course, we are evolving as I write. So of course, we might think differently and therefore our bodies change all the time.

I would take the cynical course where I start explaining….but for a more important point about how we protect ourselves, like acacia and many other plants do, to protect ourselves on a much more meaningful level…. might be a question of disturbance beyond examination. In which case, a physical situation beyond repair due to…. no further evidence of relatable causes since the onset of such mysterious attack.

People wear talismans and amulets to protect themselves with things beyond their understanding. That only means we are afraid but that we use our imagination to find better approaches to upsetting life situations.

When a friend or parent, or sibling sparks up something in you, in that very moment you were feeling somewhat distraught….remember how it was when we were young. Easy, aware, confident. Shy, intelligent and always trying out how to do things right. So, it shouldn’t be so hard to remember how the reset person is doing because telepathy works its strange ways to get our attention too.


For now, I hope you find calm. But a little chaos is OK too.

Blessings from Isfjord.