A nice game, solitaire. Jeg liker det.

We so badly want to be hugged and admired, coming out and getting it shouldn’t be something to be so afraid of. It’s just most of the time we are told not to show it. I mean, maybe I’m a little narcissist, and as I endear justification to all things, I think this is based on some psychological relational mechanism that’s been overriding the external jurisdiction of my own emotions, as far as I can imagine this moment.

How I wish to feel is entirely based on my psychological wellness, whether then we can only conjecture from our limited point of view that any other animal racing for survival in its chosen habitat seems to have always depended on… or whether we close our eyes and let the painting teach us more about ourselves….

The power of the mind is that it can even make puzzles and maps. We somehow seem to have a grip on our boats when the water rises……how do I know? I’m just a reader. And now, I need to get back to that. Enjoy this. I’ll catch up later.

Ps: For (at least) those who like playing solitaire.

Bows to you.