We don't know

It’s already so unclear as to how we can feed ourselves a balanced diet with the given choices in the food stores. Many things come in plastics.

There is no one method or approach to balance, it is a deep soul work to know it for a start.

If keeping the diet primary helps to address which ingredients suit us better, perhaps we stand a chance to introduce to our bodies its needs for development.


I don’t quite understand stress, or how much it is connected to fears. Yet somehow it is always the cause of most illnesses. Generally it is accepted that we can create balance between three areas of our life: work, family and self. If any of these areas are out of balance then we become restless.

The fact that our genetic ties even subconsciously work to keep us aligned with natural law, we may ignore relationship errors or sources of malign intentions. But if we do not check in to ensure safety in relationships, we end up feeling depressed and alone. People who make the effort to express care have happier days and also live longer, maybe because they receive genuine encouragement for good action. Perhaps the universe does look out for us.

I’ve seen miracles happen to many people, including myself regarding recovering from illness. My journey continues but so far I’m thankful for my wellness. Hopefully I will have wisdom to take care.

When it comes to work and self, it is a matter of personal pride and ego. This is an area involving mental attitudes towards life, and ultimately belief. For anyone seeking discipline in order to serve with humility and skill, also seeks to show what it means to be treated in a pre-conceived light. Of course, we are evolving as I write. So of course, we might think differently and therefore our bodies change all the time.

I would take the cynical course where I start explaining….but for a more important point about how we protect ourselves, like acacia and many other plants do, to protect ourselves on a much more meaningful level…. might be a question of disturbance beyond examination. In which case, a physical situation beyond repair due to…. no further evidence of relatable causes since the onset of such mysterious attack.

People wear talismans and amulets to protect themselves with things beyond their understanding. That only means we are afraid but that we use our imagination to find better approaches to upsetting life situations.

When a friend or parent, or sibling sparks up something in you, in that very moment you were feeling somewhat distraught….remember how it was when we were young. Easy, aware, confident. Shy, intelligent and always trying out how to do things right. So, it shouldn’t be so hard to remember how the reset person is doing because telepathy works its strange ways to get our attention too.


For now, I hope you find calm. But a little chaos is OK too.

Blessings from Isfjord.


Humble Kitchen

baking back wallpaper.jpg

Tips for the long flight

Completely minimising stresses is possible but have hope for slow results. Lemon is a lovely detox fruit. Make it your best friend in spring and summer.

Don’t go astray dog hunting vexation alleviating ingredients. I found refuge amidst grocery shopping. It’s relaxing when intentionally done to calm my mind and body, and have harmony within family and the home. Here’s an example from my kitchen cabinet and grocery list for this week’s family detox that involves a thorough house revival. We washed up jars of sauces so a subtle spice-free diet can measure. The fridge was also washed thoroughly inside out. And plants taken care of.

Making whole day slow is the intention.

Already in my cabinet

Potatoes, beets, bulbs and other in season roots (carrots)





All we needed to buy:

  1. Fresh Greens

  2. Lemons

  3. Pop corn

Spring Clean Kitchen & Home with Lemon, Lavender and Oranges

Read your favourite books, watch your favourite movies. Put your favourite dress on.

lavender and book wallpaper.jpg


This year my paintings sat through a sort of Viking ship that got totally lost in a crazy thunder storm. And rain is pouring steadily now, we are thankful for the farmers can hope to feed their stock better than the previous year.

The silent onset of low tide under which we may assume is a worn boat needing finishing touches.

Be Creative Right Away

Lots of Love,


ps: Photographs of studio and art are coming soon. My macbook decided not to accept memory cards and I am far from Genius Bar in UK, hence bare with me I am borrowing husband’s laptop to share via Drive. I hope my technical sensibilities return to normal, but in the meantime I don’t mind a cup of warm milk.

Generosity is the key to good karma.

breakfast basket thank you.jpg

The Good Potato:

Storing Trick

Step 1: Place a tea towel on a table.

Step 2: Dry up all the potatoes if they have been in a fridge or just purchased from the grocery store. (I’m sure you, like us also love our beautiful planet, we hope that you assort plastics separately).

Step 3: Store in basket, in a cool dark place so they don’t touch. Check on them now and then and turn them over. Look for green shoots, if you see this, remove the one from the other potatoes or plant in the garden.

The idea is to enjoy the slow process of preparing and storing this hearty root. Many ideas will flood in about the different ways you can eat them.

cute spatulas.jpg

Love these cute kitchen accessories 🖤 Summer time is perfect for making simple gifts and surprises for friends and family :)

brown paper gifts.jpg

cute spatulass.jpg

Good health begins by respecting your worth.

wrapping news paper.jpg

History of Humours

The voice of an author is an important element for me before wasting time with a book that was not helpful in the end. I love that YouTube appearances of authors helps me narrow my search for source material. Here are some of my favourite research sources for knowledge, skills and other artist practises and bowls filled with inspiration!

A good artist can also understand what expressions hold meaning to people. Like Shayda Campbell.


For writers looking for meditative music for theatrical and emotive visuals, this might be an interesting place to start. If you wish to play up the following video in one of your writing sessions just to experiment, pay attention to the qualities of humours:

You could share your creations with groups on Facebook that are relevant to readership of this nature. But it’s more formal tradition to rely on ones’ own resources to comment on the stances.


Source: https://manijhe.com/modes-of-solitaire/hum...