Meditate for Love, in Love. Where there is no more but one.

For many years, the very strangeness of nature and its inconceivable balance continues to fuel my curiosity in it. The spiritual qualities inspire me to break all boundaries of imagination. An anchored soul is in service to one muse.

With me, the objective is to take medium and process onto a metaphoric stage, so that a synergy of meanings may be aroused out of any aesthetic engagement through the entire creative process.

Fragrance & other intelligence

As for deriving the most detailed memories, I’m ever so curious how taste and fragrance can influence the senses. It’s so profoundly motivating to know that so much information and stories are held sentimental in the heart, and are literally stored as olfactory chemicals. However fine the bond between the art and science of knowing, we use art to remember eternity through this mediumship. This is also why I am so obsessed with the symbol of the moon that gives me reason to believe that it stares back at earth life to remind us of the great clock that is the solar system, and therefore reappears in mythologies across time to help humans reflect on our true purpose.

For my collectors, it is a symbolic journey about going upward and onward through the mind, by making space for higher sensibilities that can endure spiritual knowledge.

Florals thus make up for my most favourite type of botany and is embedded into every aspect of my creative practice. I harvest materials from nature for the distillation of beautiful aromatic mediums, as it mindfully informs my lifestyle choices: such as my diet and other consumption (like skincare, clothing and other basic necessities for rainy days of sorts etc). In this romance with nature, therefore, it’s taken me two decades to polish and continue to develop a body of multidisciplinary works. Nothing is made without intuition and longing to make souls be-known and be-mused.