The Hidden Market

In the last ten years, a constant pain in my belly has caused me to become unable to work in the ways that I’ve wanted to. My body has kept me changing my course.

After years, I found myself comforted by medicinal plants. However, once again, this month the pain is guiding me into a new direction. There isn’t much reverence in these dying skills that synergise the forest-human relationship and so, I am turning to the angels for help…

Mythically, the Capricorn sea-goat dives deep and then rises to the shore with news. As it applies to me, after a year of reflection upon one place, I would like to share the message with you, Capricorn. Like me, you have grown exhausted. Your body speaks volumes about the depletion of your energy. You need to rejuvenate your essence.


I’ve balanced well on holistic philosophies, however I find it is not so much a question of the unavailability of ingredients that prevents the perfection of the alchemic arts. Suspicion lives amongst residents, doubt concerning interference in spiritual matters does not make an ignorant community, alas it only lacks the power of self-acceptance and especially the ability to honour the masters of the forgotten crafts. The true nature of humans, we recognise, in its most primitive sense, is soulful, mystical. When such gifts are neglected, the hampered growth may have got many people feeling stagnant. You see and feel this clearly.

The inspiration to step out of depression, and step into the innovative drive that focuses on shared values, is a challenge for all kinds of thinkers to partake.

This month, changes bring loving calmness into all our lives. Capricorn’s nurturing energy is about to unfold and soon to be celebrated.

Listen closely to the acoustics of this period. And journal.

We shall soon be hearing news from the cosmos about something very important.