PCOS, Depression & Art

No one likes talking about PCOS. Leave it in the dark and show your best self, is socially acceptable. This is why I find art to be such a powerful language. This is why I blog too.

The very fact that this condition exists amongst every 3 out of 5 Asian women, not a small number, marking a significant rate in infertility, is not surprising to imagine the connection to depression. Makes me imagine what a substantial sum of the population is living far below its optimal mental or physical potential. It also excites me to see that the more treatments becoming available are being aimed at not just managing the physical symptoms, but also psychological adaptation.

Nutrition and physical exercise are a very important part of managing PCOS naturally. However, sometimes stress triggers are hidden in little corners, and we’re not always prepared for them. Since my blog is about natural self healing, I felt it necessary to write an update on my health. One of the most intriguing aspects of having this condition is that it really awakened me to the source of my stress, which has given me newfound courage to express myself more clearly.

Lavender Aromatherapy: promotes stability and a sense of calm.

Lavender Aromatherapy: promotes stability and a sense of calm.

In Norway, I haven’t exactly felt elated by the culture. People are known to be dismissive and not very good at brewing intellectual energy towards beneficial conversation. Which for me, is a bummer, since I live for good conversations. I think they are a very important element for one’s wellbeing.

Even when a situation is generally stable, my health is generally good, I still ended up with a panic attack recently. It must be that my body’s memory went into flight mode. Honestly, the last weekend at this gorgeous island I was bathing in the sea and loving every bit of it, but for any other reason than hirsutism, I felt slightly insecure about baring my skin, and even a bit jealous of cute families with cute kids.

Now, if you’re a man, I’ll tell you something. It really is my husband who does proper medical research on my behalf and, he’s been trying to start me on Metformin and Inositol since a year now. Me on the other hand, stubborn as a Capricorn can be, I was biased because of my horrible experience with past pharmaceutical pre-surgery medication. And I don’t have menstrual pain anymore, given the onset of a painless regular cycle, I shouldn’t be “worried” or concerned. Based on a load of advice (medical and holistic), I will now consider the supplements, however, I haven’t started them yet, and already feel fine.

Personally I still think that my biggest challenge is learning to be very confident, and transform the insecurity into a sort of power. My paintings in this strange space are taking the storm, and something rare is coming through.

As an energy, the stress I feel is like a ginormous ship rolling through a thunderstorm. I will finally be visiting a doctor in 2 days now in the hope that I’m not the only one keeping a ginormous mast from crashing and throwing all I have overboard.