St John's Wort & other herbs to balance moods

Depression has so many myths about it, but a good therapist will only help you identify your immediate pattern of behaviours. It really just comes down to you knowing how you feel.

Last year we foraged some St John’s Wort from the forest, very close to where I also found Raspberry leaves. It likes to grow on the edges between sandy, rocky openings of the deeper fauna beds. It is often inhabited by a tiny blueish black beetle. Herbalists love encounters with St John’s Wort for its lore.


No more than 3 cups of tea, in my personal account, were required to experience the herbal properties of St John’s Wort. It has a uniquely serene aroma, with a musky quality to the taste.


In our cold climate, my husband worked on germinating St John’s Wort from seed last year. We’ve now placed the three inch tall sprouted young ones outdoors. Will keep you posted on progress. Here’s a photo of their wild counterparts from fall 18’: