Herbs of the Valley

Useful Materia Medica for the journey

Crystals, wild herbs, berries, fungi and culinary vegetation frill in and around the forest, fjord and mountains. Considering the forest and seashore as a source of apothecary, here are some of my findings of edible and useful specimens. Last year's sampling for personal medicines meant that I did not forage without the council's permit, despite the fact that within Norwegian law you are allowed to forage for personal use.

My personal standard for foraging also meant that I only collected the likes of Raspberry Leaves in an abundant part of the valley to try its potency to support my moon cycle, in middle fall. Now, in early marshy summer, Fern to strengthen and rebuild confidence. Surely this year I only wish to acquaint myself with the plants on a spiritual level, whereby they call me when I need their support.

Since Isfjorden is an animal farming village, I am also recording the plants the animals eat. There are of course the important pollinators without whom our incredible plant world would not survive, and so they are often the subject of my curiosity. In this contribution to the whole ecological archive I hope to support a community's progression towards a harmonious countryside livelihood.

Occasionally I will also add a plant or two that I find to have other vocational qualities besides food and medicine making, such as basketry and wool.

Cultivated Food & Herbs