The point of power is always in the present moment

-Louise Hay


Optimistically speaking, eco-communities have proven the potential for fast lifestyle shifts, giving forest dwelling a new meaning for our future. Dramatic changes are expressed in the form of health concerns, perhaps psycho-somatic. Our planet has arrived at the age of Knowledge where Mother Nature is speaking up for herself. Why are we in such a hurry? What is more important than peace? Nature’s rhythm has a song for us to dance to. Whenever I have trusted my senses, intuition has led me to my medicine. Together we can bring back nature's purest pharmacy into our own kitchen. And in simplicity is the cure.

Stories about recycling, ecology and an artist’s apothecary

Stories about recycling, ecology and an artist’s apothecary


folklore for Art & Culinary crafts

I won’t encourage you to eat your paint. However, historically, the home’s hearth was where the alchemy of cooking material also gave birth to artist material for the masters. Mine is a consistent learning process, each year is a new and growing methodology and approach. As foragers resort to traditional herbals for self healing, I’m developing some faery material to create a range of my own wild sourced mediums for experiments in tastes and colour.

The forest is rich with stories and magic

The forest is rich with stories and magic


Nature centred Lifestyle

Ever wondered what you could achieve if you had the skills of a herbalist at your fingertips? I love these incredible courses by The Herbal Academy, especially the Starter Kits. You can chose to dive into the wildcrafts of your local nature, you don’t need to live beside the ocean or the forest. There is a lot of inspiration in weeds, they grow everywhere! Start by connecting with them…



Cooperative farm Life

Campaign has begun in Norway. More information will be published when the investments and designs have been formalised. Stay posted.



Know your Woods to rewild nature's gardens

Cartomancy and Books will be available soon. Join me in the aesthetics course to untie old energies and make way for the new.