Soft shadow on pale sages, the gentle glow of graces.

Remedy of country Life: BeIng as creative as nature

It’s comforting to imagine the world from the eyes of a good historian, for someone who seeks the truth. I love history, especially that of nature. But I prefer reclusion from time to time to honor the holistic calm that comes from its teachings. That’s also when personalities of nature’s creations show up in my paintings:

By conceptualising the working nature of our behaviours, we seem to have a need to evolve intellectually. In such efforts, at times in the library, I hear voices of thinkers jumping straight out of their books. Even that can be noisy. But while there are fantastic contemporaries such as Steven Pinker who’s theories about the role of language have served my own theories (like herbacious sprinkles of ideas) about the limits of our communication. As it goes with hermitic reading, you could finally stumble upon such lectures by mystics like Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee who, if you take notice, embodies the spirit in his being. And to experience this Essence via his oral teachings on YouTube, is like receiving a small key from heaven, pointing to the hidden doors, taking you home. Of course, this means we’re lucky to be living in an age of fantastic creative skill sharing too. Making myself busy doing something that serves my balance towards the community is the goal.

It appears that times have mirrored our karma on our social making. Questions such as how and why we feel so indebted to our existence is no longer a task for global traders and governments to manage alone. Some of the dynamics such as the internet and rise of new powers have an important role to play in settling the unsettled affairs we find ourselves in. No one person has the answers, but a common sensibility gives us clues into the state of pretence we’re in. What are our goals when we chose certain societies or careers? How much do we know about our impact on each other, and do we know how to listen to the voices of our planet? Then, from here, how great is our vision - is the ultimate question that sets my ship assail upon this extraordinary course.

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Although many environmentalists are striving to bring us the answers, it’s only once we begin looking from the same perspective and approach that our principle gives in to being meaningful. The real cost of human life is playing against such high expectations for the land, with little understanding of it. Poverty thus, in today’s age is not the lack of money, but more evident: our lack of knowledge and unwillingness to admit to our dissonance with the rhythms of time.

Tree of Wisdom on the Hermetic Path

Are we ready to accept that the only way to grow from this point onwards, depends on our collaboration? Just when I was about to question everything I have experienced in all my 35 miraculous years, I sensed the dangers of excessive psychological burden. For such displacement that I wished to replace with some notion of normalcy, I saw a very very faint vision of a white mystical tree that, for the second time, showed that it glows eternally with tiny white leaves, blossoming in the absence of light. This kindled in me a small flame, new and cool. And it felt right to open the books, to search for the answers again.

In alchemy, we do not mention everything. We riddle and unriddle the mysteries. Such is the purpose of the universe, to conceal and reveal artistically. If all possibility was wrapped around you like an invisible magic garment that grants all wishes, the only need for us is to manifest it with sacred knowledge. In this aesthetic, there remains such integrity for the exploration of consciousness. That is what we do here.

With scientific methods one can organise studies. I like to let the holistic edges of the quest guide and direct me.

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